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Who am i?

My name is Mark. I am a GPHC registered pharmacist of 15 years where i have worked in the community and online sector. In 2021 i completed my independent prescribing certificate with the University of Hertfordshire.

I have always been interested in skin, and went on this journey to help people feel better about theirs. I started by completing a basic and advanced certificate in botulinum toxin and dermal filler with Derma Medical. However to further myself more i completed a level 7 diploma in skin injectables from Derma Medical. Alongside this i have done many other courses in dermal fillers, skin boosters, fat dissolving and anti wrinkle treatments. I have also trained in laser treatments such as Fraxel, and Obagi skincare.

My favorite treatment to do is in the area of the mid face. Addressing areas such as the cheeks, tear troughs, nose and nasolabial folds.

I started by hiring a room in Camden and getting models to practice my new skills so i could be more confident, whilst also learning to navigate the world of social media to showcase my work to get more patients. My instagram handle is @aziziderma.

I also work on thursdays for the London Dermatology Centre in Central London carrying out these treatments.

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