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What to expect in a dermal filler consultation?

I like to introduce myself and built a rappor with the patient so they feel comfortable and calm those nerves if they're anxious.

I listen initially and allow the patient to discuss their concerns and what is bothering them.

I conduct a assesment of the whole face - -"Splitting it into thirds - upper, middle and lower. A whole face approach will give the best result. I will go into more detail about this in a later post!

I will puts options on the table of what can be done and what could be helpful to address the patients concerns.

I discuss price to ensure patient understands the costs and is comfortable with them.

I collect a full medical history, medications, previous treatments, allergies to make a decision if a treatment is appropriate

I discuss the risks of the procedure but also give them comfort in the fact that I am complications trained and how I would deal with a problem if they occur.

I come to a shared decision with the patient and make a plan on how to proceed.

I give time for the patient to go home and think do i really want this treatment?

If the patient is happy and keen to proceed I book them in to carry out their treatment :)

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